Specialization in SHORT SALES

Are you upside down in your home? We can help!

In an environment where the market has shifted, it’s important to lay out options to get the best out of your particular situation. Elizabeth Velasco and her team have the expertise and knowledge to assist distressed homeowners with short selling their home instead of having it fall into foreclosure. ┬áIn fact, Elizabeth has a 92 percent success rate in short sales. She can ease the short sale process for you by providing excellent service throughout the entire process – giving you the essential information, fielding all your questions and reassuring that you will come out of this situation on top.

What you can expect if you choose to work with us:

  • Compelling Short Sale Negotiators
  • Expert Advice on Pricing your Property
  • Strategic Guidance on How to Approach Your Short Sale
  • Pre-Qualifying Buyers
  • Reliable and Prompt Communication
  • In-Depth Understanding of Today’s market