Rose from Concord, CA

August 31, 2011

“I never thought that it would get to the point where I would want to sell our home! Being our first home for five years, it was truly heart-breaking to have made the decision. But with the present bad economy in mind, it was the most expedient thing to do.

If there was one thing I did right, it was choosing Elizabeth to help us with the short sale! She showed professionalism, dedication and hard work even from the very first time we spoke. She’s very knowledgeable about recent laws and changes in real estate, very approachable, efficient, friendly and accessible. Her approach was very personalized and she showed understanding of our family situation and finances. Having access to our personal issues and finances, she was very honest and trust-worthy. She made sure she returned my calls promptly and always patiently answered my endless inquiries! Most of all, she showed concern for my best interest always!   Yes, it was a stressful situation but having Elizabeth to represent me lifted so much of the burden off my shoulders as her years of experience in short sale made everything as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend her anytime to anyone as she is not only one of the best, if not the best, real estate agent out there, but she is one professional with a heart!

To Elizabeth – our endless and most sincerest gratitude to you and I hope to work with you again in the future when we would purchase another home.”


Joseph from San Antonio, Texas

August 31, 2011

“God sends us special people to help us on our way, and through them, we’re reminded of His loving care each day.”

“This was a quote that caught my eye while looking for a thank you card for Elizabeth Velasco. Elizabeth Velasco was that special person sent by God to help me get through my short sale. She played the major part of an answered prayer when I lifted everything to Him. I still remember the comforting and assuring words she told me when we first met, “Leave all the stress to me” and that is exactly what happened from thereon.  Elizabeth Velasco was my stress reliever.

I feel so blessed for having Elizabeth as my real estate agent. If I had to sum up my experience working with Elizabeth Velasco in a few words, that will be – EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! She is passionate with her work, sincere at helping people, understanding and she is a very kind hearted person. Elizabeth Velasco was on top of everything, communicated well and kept me updated through e-mails and text messages during the short sale process. I now live out of California, and the sale went so smooth that all I remember doing was prepare and send her the necessary documents. In just a few months, a SOLD sign was posted in the yard. She even went beyond by offering to pay for my notary public fee when she knew I didn’t have the necessary funds. Elizabeth Velasco is definitely a person I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a GREAT real estate agent that GETS THE JOB DONE. Thank you Elizabeth Velasco for your exceptional customer service and for being such a wonderful person. It was a joy working with you, and I thank God for the blessing of wonderful people like you.”

Allan from Elk Grove, CA

August 31, 2011

“Elizabeth Velasco recently helped us in obtaining our new home last September. The services she provided were more than excellent. I always tell her that she performs her work above and beyond the call of duty. Her experience and knowledge of the real estate made it possible to overcome the many challenges we encountered. She was very professional in her work. No matter what the problem is, her attitude was always positive, that there is always a solution. There were times that I wanted to give up, but with the support of my wife and Elizabeth, I am sure glad that I did not.

Elizabeth Velasco has many good attributes as a real estate agent. To name a few: always on top on things, always open for questions and advice, excellent in finding options and solutions, will make time for each of her client and my favorite is her smiling face. The way she presented herself to me and my family made us feel that we have an agent and a trusted friend that will look out for our best interest.

Now, we are in this lovely home that we never dreamed that we can ever have. This is all thanks to Elizabeth Velasco.  I will never hesitate to refer her to my family and friends.”

Dennis from Elk Grove, CA

August 31, 2011

“Elizabeth Velasco recently sold our house by shortsale. It would have not happened so smoothly and expeditiously if not for all of Elizabeth’s, hard work, dedication, and unlimited consideration. SHE IS THE TRUE ESSENCE OF SERVICE AND HELPING PEOPLE, putting clients’ concerns and priorities on the top of her list, doing all the groundwork and stressful negotiations with exceptional knowledge of the market, persistent hard work, positive attitude, and a touch of humor. I couldn’t imagine going through all the stressful process if not for Elizabeth’s continued hard work and encouragement. I, not only strongly recommend Elizabeth as a Realtor to friends and family but also guarantee that SHE WOULD HELP PEOPLE IN ANY WAY SHE CAN just as she helped my family go through this stressful process. We are both fortunate and indebted to be your clients, Elizabeth. Our gratefulness could only be returned by our continued referral to families that would certainly benefit from your wholehearted service.”

Marvin from Lakewood, CA

August 31, 2011

“Elizabeth did an excellent job on selling my house! Elizabeth Velasco is always on top of her things and is very quick at requesting and submitting paperwork. She is excellent at negotiating too. She pretty much did all the work, and all I did was provide whatever documents she needed. She also always kept me updated through her calls and text messages. Those little updates prevented me from totally losing hope in selling my house. I also like it when she voluntarily provides explanations on things I have no idea on. I have never experienced this kind of excellent service from anyone or any company. Elizabeth definitely raised the bar. I also believe that Elizabeth Velasco was assigned to me by God because of the difficulty of my transaction. She showed me that with perseverance and prayers, we can accomplish amazing feats. I now consider Elizabeth Velasco as part of my family and I have full trust in her. Thank you again, Elizabeth Velasco.”

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